The Fall and Rise of the Amir Sisters – Nadiya Hussain

Thanks to NetGalley and HQ Stories for the ARC of The Fall and Rise of the Amir Sisters by Nadiya Hussain.

Following on from The Secret Lives of the Amir Sisters, The Fall and Rise of the Amir Sisters continues with the story of Fatima, Farah, Bubblee and Mae. Fatima is struggling with a difficult pregnancy; Farah’s husband Mustafa has recovered from his accident but is suffering with mood swings, and the couple have been unable to conceive; Bubblee is finding herself increasingly unable to produce artwork that she is happy with; and Mae is heading off to start her new life at university. When their mum comes up with an idea for Farah to have a baby, the family must consider this breach of tradition. When tragedy strikes once more, can the sisters pull together to rise again?

I really enjoyed The Secret Lives of the Amir Sisters, so I had high hopes for this sequel. Unfortunately, it fell a little flat for me. What I liked most about the first book was the way it was told in the first person by each sister in turn; this book is totally different, being told in the third person. That immediately made it harder to connect with the characters. Where I really liked the characters in the first book, I found them very unlikeable for the most part this time around. The story centres on Farah and Bubblee, and I found these two to be the hardest to like, with sweet-natured Fatti and comedy-element Mae taking much more of a backseat. There were a couple of moments where the story came to life, but then we were whisked off to another time or place too quickly too really enjoy the effects. I did, though, enjoy the overall story, and it was a nice quick read.

Overall, this was a reasonable book, but had this been the first in the series, I wouldn’t have bothered with the sequel.

3 stars out of 5

The Fall and Rise of the Amir Sisters will be published on 24 January 2019.